Doug Boster
President & Creative Director (214) 752-2022

Visiting Dallas in 1983, Doug fell in love with Texas and soon after relocated here. Upon arriving, he took a job with a local hot spot. While at that job he became involved in the catering world and it started a longtime love affair with the catering industry.

After working and learning with other local companies, he decided to embark on his own journey… in 1992 he started Doug Boster Gourmet Catering and Event Planning. Doug sought to expand his business in 2000 moving into a large catering office located in the design district. Since then, he has done events for everyone from local celebrities to Fortune 500 companies. He again expanded in 2004 to open a district lunch spot, The Bleu Artichoke as well as operating the café during market at Dallas’ new Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G.).

Doug flourished in being very creative, not only with food but also in making the feel of a party something special. His creativity and taste show his philosophy in style of “less is more”, creating a very casual elegance at any venue. A client once commented on how versatile he is with menu ideas and stated that he can do anything from French fries to foie gras. It is not uncommon for him to go out last minute and buy a dozen hot new shirts and ties for his staff.

Doug enjoys travel and the opportunity to absorb local tastes and traditions often bringing new ideas to his menu.

Doug is a great cook and with an infectious passion for food of every kind. His curious palette and adventurous spirit are what have created many gourmet fans throughout Dallas. His company, Doug Boster Gourmet Catering, does more than just catering. Doug also has in-house floral and does full event planning ranging from small intimate social setting to large corporate events.